Solutions and results - for church growth, church revitalization, church health, church spiritual maturity. We are helping all types of churches that are new, existing, healthy, unhealthy, plateaued, and dying - to accomplish their potential and be what Christ wants them to be.

Just as Jesus showed us, healthy spiritual maturity can be fun, exhilerating, empowering, freeing, and it is what we are designed for. Healthy spiritual maturity is our sweet spot, our amazingly wonderful goal for which God want us to aim, and ultimately to achieve.

These are the services we provide to help build healthy, mature, balanced Christian believers and Churches. These services and content can be mixed and matched, however some items should be used together to be most effective.

Services and content come in the form of workshops /seminars, individual and group studies, coaching / consulting sessions, assessments, surveys, printed content, online content, and a combination (or packaging) of any or all of these.

The time is now to get started - select groups of services or individual services, and let's see what God will do. Contact Us.


Workshops /seminars, individual / group studies, consulting / coaching sessions, resources, printed content, online content.

Additional services: sermons, speaking events (topical, keynote speaker).

Vision, Mission, and Goals

  • Seven Types of Churches (and Christians) - from the Book of Revelation
  • The Spiritually Healthy, Mature Christian/Church - church growth, church revitalization, spiritual components, facts & myths
  • Prayer and Leadership as Foundations to Vision, Mission, Goals
  • Defining Excellent Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Vision Casting - Getting Vision Buy-in from Groups
  • Diversity - Integrating diverse people, groups, and ministries in unity and equity

Developing Church Infrastructure

  • Church Growth - Lessons Learned, Best Practices, Facts & Myths
  • Church Health and Maturity - Lessons Learned, Best Practices, Facts & Myths
  • Understanding Church Lifecycles
  • Church Assessments and Surveys - Data Collection, Interpretation, and Application
  • Church 'Big Data' - Solutions and Uses
  • Healthy Group Dynamics and Interrelationships - All Size Groups


  • Discipleship Essentials
  • Discipleship and Mentoring
  • Creating Disciplemaking Environments (that really work)

Establishing Spiritual Growth Dynamics

  • Spiritual Gift and Skill Assessments
  • Spiritual Environments
  • Spiritual Warfare and Trials

Equipping and Maturing Christians

  • Knowing God
  • Seeking and Understanding God's Will
  • Embracing Spiritual Health and Maturity
  • Devotional Life of the Christian
  • Lifestyles of Healthy Christians
  • How to be a Great Follower (of your leaders)

Equipping and Maturing Leaders

  • Devotional Life of the Healthy Leader
  • Lifestyles of Healthy Leaders
  • Balanced and Effective Leadership - Church, Marketplace, Culture, Nations
  • Burnout - Prevention and Healing
  • Pastors - Ministry Practicalities That Seminary Does Not Teach You
  • Pastors - Church Operational and Administrative Solutions
  • Elders / Deacons - Fullfilling God's Call
  • Women Leaders - Fullfilling God's Call
  • Leadership Couples / Marriage Coaching
  • Young Leaders - Preparing the Next Generation


  • Creating Great Followers
  • Team Dynamics and Selection
  • Teambuilding and Unity
  • Leading Teams

Establishing Outreach Strategies and Methods

  • Effective (Biblical) Culture Change Approach - Lessons Learned
  • Effective Community Outreach Methods
  • Building Community Bridges
  • Missions in the Local Community

Church Transitions and Troubleshooting / Problem Solving

  • Transitioning between Pastors / Leaders
  • The Declining Church
  • Conflict Resolution / Mediation
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Topical Issues

  • Apologetics
  • Culture Involvement / Change
  • Diversity in The Church
  • Persecution
  • Business (Marketplace) Ministry
  • Homosexuality / Transgender
  • The Bible and Psychology
  • The Bible and Science

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