Here are just a few testimonials (among many) from churches, pastors, ministries, and/or individuals that our team has assisted in some way. This shows our successful track record, how God is using this ministry to mature the Church.

With God's guidance, we carefully and boldly apply biblical truths and our team's wisdom and resources through the power of grace, mercy, and the fruits of the Spirit. The result is deep and lasting spiritual maturity "attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ." (Ephesians 4:13)


We have been involved with various Protestant Christian venues and denominations – including, but not limited to:

  • Baptist
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Non-Denominational
  • Wesleyan

We have been involved with churches, para-church organizations, Christian small groups, individuals, secular non-profits, corporations, and medium to small businesses.


  • Agape Paris - Paris, France
  • Momentum Europe - Orlando, Florida and Europe
  • Pray Europe - Orlando, Florida and Europe


A few sample testimonials....


-- Pastor J. (Lead Pastor)

"To The Churches (TTC) coaching services have been invaluable aids at a season of ministry that is particularly challengingAlthough the counsel was excellent, having a "safe person" to speak with who had no "dog in the race" was of such tremendous value.  Pastors--especially Lead Pastors--are very isolated by their office and position in the church (real or perceived).  As such, it can be tough to find objective counsel coupled with people who are safe with whom to let your guard down and speak honestly.  To The Churches has been that resource for me.

In addition to that, the constant drive back to prayer and the Holy Spirit's leading was a constant anchor when the "tyranny of the urgent" threatened.  Regularly, the TTC Coach would bring me back to "pray first, then act".  As a pastor with a bias to action, this was a much needed refrain in my life.  I highly recommend the ministry of TTC to any pastor or church.  In a field fogged by the sheer volume of coaching services, TTC shines like a beacon leading to the Lord who gives all wisdom."


-- Pastor R. (Lead Pastor)

"To The Churches (TTC) ministry has been an invaluable resource to me in many ways. The TTC Coach's wealth of experiential and academic knowledge of the Church in her various forms has been an exciting and refreshing resource to me personally. His experience has allowed him to warn me of possible challenges on the horizon to better prepare me to meet them successfully. The TTC Coach has been very willing to make me aware of existing resources that I myself can research on my own. This service saves me a great deal of time and stress.

These two themes, discipleship and the kingdom of God, have been the common foci between us that have made the TTC Coach's work so meaningful and effective in my life and the life of our church family. As a servant to God's servants, he has been an important part of my own success in transitioning to become lead pastor, and I am grateful to the Lord for his work."


-- Pastor M. (Lead Pastor)

"To The Churches (TTC) ministry connected with me at such a critical time in my ministry. TTC really helped me figure out what the obstacles were in our church to grow and become more healthy as a church. Not only did our one-on-one coaching sessions really give me insight as to the calling God placed on my life as a Pastor, but the coach gave me so many practical tools that I could use to implement change in my ministry and life. The role of Pastor is a difficult one and TTC cares for Pastors and wants to see them and their churches thrive. I highly recommend them and hope to work with them in the future. Grace and Peace."

"You are really good at this!"


-- Mr. S. (City Ministry Leader - major metropolitan city)

"I cannot recommend To The Churches (TTC) highly enough!  They took the time to listen, to ask questions and then to offer practical solutions to the challenges we faced. They were very flexible and willing to respond to our specific situations with concrete answers. We found them to be gracious and very intentional in not only their work, but also their relationship with us.  We are in a much better place now because of their investments with us!"


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