About "To The Churches"

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." – Jesus Christ, Revelation 2 and 3

Our Call

To The Churches ministry team has a special passion for building up God's Church to be unified, healthy, mature, thriving, and impactful.

We are called to build up the Church to instead be the bride of Christ that loves him deeply, the Body of Christ that is the visible manifestation of Him, the flock that follows Christ knowing his voice, the building of Christ that stands strong, vibrant, and beaming amidst a dark and dreary world.

Before moving forward with each step in this ministry we carefully and humbly seek God’s will to ensure that we are hearing Him correctly, and obeying Him fully (being in His will). We use a proven with 7 step Biblical check and balance process for knowing God's will, which we would be happy to share with you.

How We Are Different

To The Churches ministry is different than other coaching / consulting organizations in these ways:

  1. Focus on Book of Revelation (Chapters 2-3) which is written “To The Churches”.
  2. Customized to needs of churches and individuals, not canned solutions - one size does NOT fit all.
  3. Across denominations (cross-denominational) - knowledgeable and sensitive to different doctrinal and congregational needs.
  4. Coaches with Pastoral, Counseling, and Educational backgrounds and deep experience.
  5. On the leading edge of using technology, research based teaching / learning methods, and data driven decision making.

To The Churches ministry officially started in 2007 with a prompt from the Lord and continued with a large step forward in 2013 with God's guidance and blessing. In 2017 to 2020, God expanded the ministry through various ministry and support opportunities.

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The Church

The English word "Church" in the New Testament is based on the Greek word ekklesia, a compound word derived from ek (out of) and kaleo (to call). This indicates that the "Church" is that group of people who have been "called out" of the world to be God's people - this is the Church's mission and purpose and it comes from God.

In the Bible, a Christian is often referred to as a "Saint", which means "holy one" - therefore, the church is a group of unholy people who have been declared to be holy in Christ and who represent their holy God in the world as His "Church" (His body, bride, temple, flock).

If the Church loses sight of its "called out" place in the world, it will be more like the world than like God. This is the Need.

The Need

In the book of Revelation (chapters 2 and 3), God says only 2 out of 7 churches are fully obedient to Him and healthy. God also says 5 out of 7 churches are disobedient, sinful, un-healthy, and off-target in some major way. Historically, from the first century all the way to today, this has been an accurate depiction of churches. This is an evidence of God's eternal truth. He is always right!

As a result of the condition of these 7 churches, in just two chapters, God says 7 times "He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." It is very important when God repeats himself, especially 7 times. The Church really needs to pay attention to this warning and call.

Do you and your church have ears to hear? Are you and your church of the 2 (healthy) churches, or of the 5 (unhealthy) churches?

Today, we see the desperate need of the beloved “Church” and our brother and sister Christians. In today’s complex and challenging world, there are always various levels of hostility to Jesus, the gospel, and the Church - persecution and a battle zone are the reality of where the Church resides. Therefore, churches must live and thrive in this difficult environment.

There are many issues churches need to deal with - including leadership issues, operational, financial, personnel, communication, theological, lifestyle, and the list goes on. Many Ministers and Leaders are overworked, stressed, and end up being the weak link in the Church, instead of the strong link. Ironically, all of this is already described in the Bible - both the problems, and the solutions.

The Christian congregation in the United States is large, and the need is dire.

  • 70% of churches are declining or plateaued.
  • 30% of churches are growing.
  • 0% of churches are multiplying (based on multiple generations of church plants),

Based on this data from recent surveys and studies by reputable entities, both the simple quantitative data shown above and the more complicated qualitative data align with what the book of Revelation says that only 2 (29%) out of 7 churches are healthy and fully obedient. Everyone believes their church is the 2 out 7 that is healthy and fully obedient, but logically that cannot be true. We need to be honest and corrrect about our churches and our individual walk with Christ.

We could easily extrapolate that there are 70 to 100 million Christians in the U.S, which is about one quarter to one third of the entire U.S. population. This illustrates that one of the largest single groups of people in the U.S. are those who attend Christian Churches and similar environments.

Yet, our culture and society do not reflect this in Christ-like lifestyles, values, and morals. Churches are shrinkng, dying, and Christians are becoming more "hidden" and closet-like, instead of being salt and light as they are instructed by Jesus.

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