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The U.S. "Church" is large. There are approximately 315,000 Protestant houses of worship (Churches) in the United States - that’s compared to approximately 13,000 McDonalds and 4,000 Walmarts (Barna Research Study, 2013). This shows how many Churches permeate our society.

If there are an average of 200 people per entity, then there are easily 63 million Christians. However, the actual number of Christians is much higher since this does not include those true Christians that are a part of other types of groups, home groups, organic groups, and "closet Christians" that are a "hidden" or "underground" part of our nationwide Christian Church. From this we could easily extrapolate that there are 70 to 100 million Christians in the U.S, which is about one quarter to one third of the entire U.S. population.

A caveat to this is we understand that not everyone who attends a house of worship or similar group is a Christian, just as anyone that stands in a garage is not a car. However, this simply illustrates that one of the largest single groups of people in the U.S. are those who attend Christian Churches and similar environments.